Grace MinistriesIndependence First Church of the Nazarene has purchased an online membership to the  Grace 101 family of resources. We encourage you to make use of the Grace 101 online videos to learn or be reminded of Godly principles for building healthy relationships in your life.  These video lessons are available for you to view in your home by yourself, as a family, in small groups and in any other way you can creatively use them to encourage and build up your family and others.

Contact the church office or talk to one of the pastors and ask for the login information for completely free access to the Grace 101 resources.

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Family 101

Family 101: Back to the Basics is a useful tool for growing healthy family relationships.

From the Family 101 website:

Family 101-Back to the Basics was borne out of the great need to strengthen and support the family unit. Join Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg (America’s Family Coaches), the Skit Guys and Dr. Gene Getz as they help us unravel the mystery of the “One Another” principles in the most challenging of places: the home.

Nine sessions, each about 20-25 minutes, take us step-by-step through the key New Testament passages on how to live out the “one another” verses in family life. We will discover how these principles are God’s blueprint, the ground floor, for day-to-day living. Learn what it really means to love, serve, encourage and honor those closest to you.

Our culture puts tremendous pressure on the family. The pull of media, music, movies and TV often cause doubt and confusion on how to live out God’s commands to love and serve one another. Divorce, immorality, neglect, abuse, compromise, and apathy threaten to dissolve the very fabric of family. Family 101 Back to the Basics will help us bring Biblical focus on how to “One Another Each Other”.

Marriage 101

Marriage 101: Back to the Basics goes straight to the heart of the crucial issues that face marriages today. Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg, Dave Ramsey, and Dr. H. Norman Wright address Conflict Resolution, Money, Sexual Intimacy, and much more. With the need to strengthen marriages growing with each passing year, Marriage 101: Back to the Basics serves as an invaluable component to help guard couples from the ever present attacks that tend to erode marriages and families.

Crisis 101

home1_crisis101Crisis (Greek – krisis) means “the turning point of a disease”, It was used by ancient physicians to describe the point in an illness when things can go toward recovery or not. In modern times we use the term to define very difficult, life-changing events in our lives and the lives of others. All of us are either going into a crisis, coming out of one, or in the midst of it right now. And we know lots of other people in the same boat.
So what do we do? How do we handle those “life-changing” times? And just as important, how do we help others in crisis? Join Dr. Robert Morgan as he gives us 10 basic strategies to navigate those troubled and stormy times in our lives. He will help us see that times of crisis can be faith building. We can be victorious and give praise to the One that has delivered us!

Learn how to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. He continually stepped into crisis with words of hope, peace, joy and love. We can do the same. Watch the seas part as you begin this adventure.

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